Hopeless Night with the Moon and the Wind

I hear something come knocking on my door.

I let It in because I hate the sound of silent even more.

It touches my skin with a serene sound catches my ears.

I think It could calm me so I want to let It stay longer.

From the sound of it I am sure It feels the same way I am.

We talk so many things thus making It my new best friend.

Although it is a bit dark here together, I feel much better.

For I have another friend that lighten me up when I’m sadder.

And the three of us chatting like a little child.

Even if we don’t understand each other, we at least smile.

But They could not stay long, They have to accompany others too.

I am becoming even worse, like a man without You.

Come back and pamper me like You always did before.

I will let you in because I hate the sound of silent even more.


Aku x suke painting. Kalo 2 taon lepas aku KENE mengecat dgn watercolor, aku ngecat gune jari. kenape? Sbb aku x reti gune berus. So painting ni sape punye?…hahaha…Ye, ni aku yg ngecat. Kene pakse? Tak, sbb skang aku sendiri yg nak mengecat. Aku dgn gigehnye memegang brush dgn ketor2 mcm ade penyaket pakinsen.

Ketas A3+ Pelaka + Berus 2 batang + 3 jam.