There’s a place where I would like to be

Having my time wasted but still I’m craving for it.

Smiling and laughing like forever will be

Getting bad news but still be pleased.

While hoping that the thought is real

There’s a sound woke me up and I’m still Here.

I have lost my way of getting up

I shed my tears each second we are apart.

My mind was telling me to go forward

But my legs told me to stay a bit longer.

Waiting for the lost hope is such a bad idea

But I can’t help it ’cause my love for you is much stronger.

We are together but we are not

kill me, just kill me if this will go on and on.

I’m drowning and drowning in your time capsule

Come and save me if I’m worthy for you…


Looking at this painting, how I wish that the subject is colored in real tone with more shading and highlight. It would be more realistic in emphasizing the ‘lonely’ mood and interpretation of the words above. It took me 4 hours to paint this one. It was like I want it more but my hand ask me to stop. No, this not one of my poetic sentences. ;p Something’s blocking my mind and so I stop before I ruin the whole painting. lol. So, here it is. 😉 A lonely freak~

A3+ Poster Color + Brown and Red + 4 hours + a lot of cigarettes.