Looking back at the About section, I did say about creating a post of Kuala Terengganu. Well, this is not one of it ;p but can be considered as a sub-topic. I have captured some of the sceneries in Kuala Terengganu that may be normal to me but surreal-eye-candy to others. And yes, I love putting some effects to the picture, so expect some flashy-gloomy photos here. 😉

Palm Trees. Beach. Sky.

Chendering Beach

Girl waiting for her working mom

A Date 😉

A Lonely Mini

Call for Prayer

2 moon and A sun

Beach at Dusk

Marshmallow above the museum

Ghost Lair Tree

Have a drink under the elevated highway

Sleepy Morning

Dance Workshop 😉



Sorry for less pictures on building, in love more with the nature I guess. These pictures taken with 5MP hand phone camera. Love photography but not yet ready to buy a DSLR for a hobby. ;p