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Sedang berjalan di Pantai Batu Burok Kuala Terengganu dengan hajat untuk minum air kelape dibawah pokok kelape, nampak keramaian yang hanye berlaku bile org2 luar dtg kesini. Kenopi2 sume tersusun, teringat plk setting event seperti tahun lepas Quiksilver…yup..tp kali ni Rip Curl Pro yg sedang berlangsung. Aku tersenyum sbb dkt tgn aku mmg dh pegang camere, dukecitenye sbb lens yg dipakai hanye lens utk portrait dan aku tibe di tempat kejadian pukol 5.05pm, event baruuuuuuuuuu je selesai. Jadi x dapatla amek gambar aksi2 best dlm air sgt. Peduli ape kan, kite kentek saje makhlok2 yg ade berdekatan. 😉



tekan baek-baek eh


Looking back at the About section, I did say about creating a post of Kuala Terengganu. Well, this is not one of it ;p but can be considered as a sub-topic. I have captured some of the sceneries in Kuala Terengganu that may be normal to me but surreal-eye-candy to others. And yes, I love putting some effects to the picture, so expect some flashy-gloomy photos here. 😉

Palm Trees. Beach. Sky.

Chendering Beach

Girl waiting for her working mom

A Date 😉

A Lonely Mini

Call for Prayer

2 moon and A sun

Beach at Dusk

Marshmallow above the museum

Ghost Lair Tree

Have a drink under the elevated highway

Sleepy Morning

Dance Workshop 😉



Sorry for less pictures on building, in love more with the nature I guess. These pictures taken with 5MP hand phone camera. Love photography but not yet ready to buy a DSLR for a hobby. ;p

Happy New Year! It’s been months since my last post here. I don’t really have much time in painting and digital designing because I’ve spent more time outside. There’ll be my next painting later on but today I’m gonna serve you a different cuisine. 😉

After being asked by a good friend, I have decided to post  photos of my hometown located in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The shots were taken in two side-by-side villages; Kampung Kubang Parit and Durian Burung. So me and my motorcycle had a morning ride along both villages. Enjoy the power of GREEN guys.


The Good Bridge

The Stare

The Bad Bridge

The Lovely Weenie Birdy

The Pizza Hut ;p

The Good Old Days

The Morning Exercise

The Return

I’m using Nikon D90 and it’s not mine really. I borrowed it from my friend Fahmie Dhoby just to create this post. I can’t even remember the exact settings that I applied. Excuse me for my unawareness. Am not really a photographer after all ;p You can leave a constructive comment if you like regarding the photos or just relax and enjoy the GREEN. 😉 gtg!

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