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pen and paper

I do miss so much of these two items which I left them a year ago. Seeing my friend’s doodles excites me and makes me want to draw again. And so I brought these two along straight to the office. (Yup, I’m a busy man ;p) While thinking what to draw, I simply made some random dots. Since I love to draw human comic, I started to make a dotted hair.  Somehow, I end up drawing…..me. 😉




There’s a place where I would like to be

Having my time wasted but still I’m craving for it.

Smiling and laughing like forever will be

Getting bad news but still be pleased.

While hoping that the thought is real

There’s a sound woke me up and I’m still Here.

I have lost my way of getting up

I shed my tears each second we are apart.

My mind was telling me to go forward

But my legs told me to stay a bit longer.

Waiting for the lost hope is such a bad idea

But I can’t help it ’cause my love for you is much stronger.

We are together but we are not

kill me, just kill me if this will go on and on.

I’m drowning and drowning in your time capsule

Come and save me if I’m worthy for you…


Looking at this painting, how I wish that the subject is colored in real tone with more shading and highlight. It would be more realistic in emphasizing the ‘lonely’ mood and interpretation of the words above. It took me 4 hours to paint this one. It was like I want it more but my hand ask me to stop. No, this not one of my poetic sentences. ;p Something’s blocking my mind and so I stop before I ruin the whole painting. lol. So, here it is. 😉 A lonely freak~

A3+ Poster Color + Brown and Red + 4 hours + a lot of cigarettes.

The Rainbow and Mr. Sparrow

Today is the day to remember,

Mr. Sun, Mr. Wind and Ms. Cloud picnic together.

Both of them noticed something wrong with Ms. Cloud,

So they like to cheer her up and make her proud.

“What are we creating today?”, ask Mr. Sun,

Mr. Wind reply, “We should do something fun”.

So they try to create something new,

Which does not produce any benefit but just pure beautiful.

As Ms. Cloud always bring water, they ask for some,

Mr. Wind shows off his skill and blows the water till none.

The blown water flying and falling along the way,

The water splashed and woke up a sleeping Sparrow like it’s Monday.

And so Mr. Sparrow work its magic in the distant,

Singing and cheering Ms. Cloud in an instant.

Mr. Sun impressed and glad with Ms. Cloud’s smile,

Thinking of making his magic with style.

Ms. Cloud wipe off her tears from her face,

The dropping tears falling to find the landing surface.

So Mr. Sun close his eyes and make his mind clear,

he point his ray of light towards one of the tears .

As the singing Sparrow work out his vocal correctly,

The invention of colors build up above him magically.

Ms. Cloud now open her mouth with awe,

While Mr. Wind congrats Mr. Sun for his artistic thought.

Ms. Cloud turn to her friends that took away her sadness,

 “Both of you healed my heart and filled it with your kindness”

There’s always a happy ending to every sad story,

Just play with it and believe it will end nicely. 

(if my grammar sucks, deal with it. I'm not an English teacher :p)


Weekend baru2 ni aku da selese nak mengecat painting ke due aku. 1st painting ari tu kelam kabot sket. Biase la mule2 nak cube…2nd painting ni da ade idea nak buat burong tp x tau cane rupe. So aku mule dgn satu stroke, pastu ikut je tangan mane nak pi. Tetibe je nampak cam burong dari pandangan atas. 😉 Oleh kerane time tu da ade beberape stroke kecik, so aku layankan aje sampai abes..sbb tu burong aku da macam ketupat. Yeah, ketupat burong warne warni. hihi~ Compared painting ni dgn yg pertame, yang ni lagi cerie. Sesuai ngan mood cite kat atas tu ha..hoho!

Aku x de paint palette, aku jalan2 sekelileng rumah, nampak plak meje lipat x gune, tapi bergune utk aku ;p Pe lagi, inilah palet kaler aku yg terbesar penah aku pakai..haha! Poster color cap Buncho ni yg 3 tahon lepas..kalo amek secebis kaler then baleng kat kuceng bley jadi punce pergaduhan..keras mcm batu.

perkakas ku yang daif ;p

Ketas A3 + Poster Color + Berus 2 batang + Twister Oren + Okok + 2 jam. Shiap!

Hopeless Night with the Moon and the Wind

I hear something come knocking on my door.

I let It in because I hate the sound of silent even more.

It touches my skin with a serene sound catches my ears.

I think It could calm me so I want to let It stay longer.

From the sound of it I am sure It feels the same way I am.

We talk so many things thus making It my new best friend.

Although it is a bit dark here together, I feel much better.

For I have another friend that lighten me up when I’m sadder.

And the three of us chatting like a little child.

Even if we don’t understand each other, we at least smile.

But They could not stay long, They have to accompany others too.

I am becoming even worse, like a man without You.

Come back and pamper me like You always did before.

I will let you in because I hate the sound of silent even more.


Aku x suke painting. Kalo 2 taon lepas aku KENE mengecat dgn watercolor, aku ngecat gune jari. kenape? Sbb aku x reti gune berus. So painting ni sape punye?…hahaha…Ye, ni aku yg ngecat. Kene pakse? Tak, sbb skang aku sendiri yg nak mengecat. Aku dgn gigehnye memegang brush dgn ketor2 mcm ade penyaket pakinsen.

Ketas A3+ Pelaka + Berus 2 batang + 3 jam.

Tengok org amek kusus kawen, aku pon nak amek..org datang berpasang ngan pompuan, aku dtg ngan jantan…huhu..Tau ape aku dapat 2 ari melebam atas kosi? 3 keping contengan yg tade kene mengene langsong ngan kawen ;p Da berbulan-bulan x menconteng, tp kerane sgt lah bosannye, aku pon gerakkan2 pen biru aku tu. 😉 So skang aku da ade lesen kawen! sape2 pon x bley tahan aku lagi da..tunggu lisa surihani je ni. hahaha~

Aku x suke Adidas. Tapi lukih jgk~ ;p

Meh round2 tengok lampu meh

Haaa, ni la joget ketam~ 😉

Aku x sure lg ape nak bwat ngan 3 keping contengan ni..skang biar je la die dudok dlm folder ‘sketches’ aku dulu. Karang2 kalo da x bz, baru kaler2. hoheeeey~

…Lesen Kawen da dpt! Jom cari bantal golek! Galok ngak mu! hahahatiku dicuit~

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